Precious Metals Trading

At Mt.Cook you can trade the spot price of precious metals such as gold and silver, on our custom feed, in a regulated environment, without having to actually hold physical bullion.

What Are Spot Metals?

Spot Metals are Commodity CFDs on various types of Precious Metals. At Mt.Cook you can trade Gold, Silver, and Platinum's physical price, without having to take ownership or delivery of the underlying asset.

Precious metals have a high intrinsic value and were one of the first forms of currency. Gold is largely considered a safe-haven asset and an inflation hedge, whereas Silver and Platinum are heavily used industrial metals.

Benefits Of Trading Precious Metals At Mt.Cook

Superior Spreads

Industry leading, always raw spreads equates to big savings for metal traders.

Low Latency, High Flexibility

Rapid execution speed - all trading styles welcomed (EAs, HFTs, News, Scalpers etc...)

Deep Liquidity

Deep, diversified, bank and non-bank liquidity is used for pricing our precious metals.

Precious Metals Specifications

Click below to find a full listing of our Precious Metals CFDs available for trading and their specifications.

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Precious Metals Trading FAQs

Top Metals Trading FAQs

1. Do I need to take phyiscal delivery of any metals?

No. These are CFD derivatives, not physical deliverable commodities. This means you are simply trading the price movement of the underlying physical asset.

2. Where can I find the contract specifications?

You can download the Precious Metals CFD Contract Specifications on the links above on this page.

3. How does the trading of Precious Metals as CFDs work?

As mentioned these are CFD derivatives, and not physical deliverables of the precious metal. This means you are trading the price movement of the underlying physical asset. Trading these CFDs works very much like forex, however instead of buying/selling one currency for another, you are trading units of a precious metal against the US dollar.

4. Do the CFD contracts on Precious Metals expire?

Our precious metal CFDs have no contract expiration, so traders can enjoy a very flexible and uninterrupted trading experience.

5. Why Trade Precious Metals?

Trading precious metals is very popular among traders, as they are often inversely correlated to other types of financial instruments. Where traditional markets often see a decrease in value from geopolitical unrest, economic risks and uncertainty, precious metals often see an influx of investment, driving their prices higher, or creating rapid movements and great breakout and trend following opportunities for traders.


At Mt.Cook we offer extremely tight spreads on metals paired with rapid trade execution, 24/5 trading, and no contract expiration. This presents an ideal environment for trading precious metals.

6. Where is your Precious Metal's liquidity sourced from?

Our precious metals liquidity is independently sourced from a dual, diversified mix of both bank and non-bank liquidity sources. This provides a combination of both excellent market depth and pricing to our clients.