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Crypto Trading is Better at Mt.Cook

Six key reasons why it's both better and easier to trade crypto at Mt.Cook vs. a crypto exchange.

No Crypto Wallets or Exchanges Needed

No need for hard or soft crypto wallets, or exchange accounts anymore. You can now easily trade the largest cryptocurrency coins here as a one-stop-shop, all under one roof, along with all the other instruments offered at Mt.Cook.

Trade All Instruments With Leverage

Most crypto exchanges are overly complex for trading, and do not offer margin trading without many conditions and red tape. Our crypto CFDs can be traded along with our other CFDs, (with leverage) very easily on our familiar trading platforms.

Negative Balance Protection

Rest easy knowing that our crypto CFDs fall under our negative balance protection protocol on our ECN. This adds further protections and peace of mind for traders, especially knowing that the cryptocurrency markets can be extremely volatile.

Trade in a Regulated Environment

Most crypto exchanges offer very little comfort or protection to investors as it pertains to regulation. This is because the industry is still relatively young. At Mt.Cook you can trade cryptos along with our other CFDs under our FSCA license.

Trade Both Long and Short Directions

Traders can easily go long or short with rapid trade execution in MT4 (a terminal application, not web-based) with a simple click of a button. This means you can react quickly to trade the rise and fall of volatile crypto price action, or use algos/EAs/scripts.

Easy Funding + Better Client Service

Lets face it, the Crypto industry is not known for easy fiat funding, or their customer service. At Mt.Cook you can quickly and easily fund via fiat (or cryptocurrency), all while enjoying our extremely friendly, available, and helpful client support.

Want to know the difference between trading crypto CFDs and Physical crypto? Check out this informative blog post our team put together outlining the pros and cons of both.

Crypto CFD Specifications

Click below to find a full listing of our Crypto CFDs available for trading and their specifications.

Got Crypto Trading Questions?

As per the norm, we got ya' covered!

1) What are the benefits of trading Cryptos at Mt.Cook?

Unknown to many traders, trading cryptocurrencies as CFDs has quite a few advantages over using physical cryptocurrency exchanges. These include…

  1. No need to mess around with complicated wallets, authentications, and exchanges.
  2. Trade in a regulated environment. Regulation for crypto is still in it’s infancy stage.
  3. Trade with leverage.
  4. Trade Crypto, FX, Energies, Indices, and Metals all from one trading terminal, all under one roof (one stop shop).
  5. Trade Long and Short easily.
  6. Rapid low latency trade execution.
  7. Far superior customer support (you can speak to an actual person, unlike at most crypto exchanges).
  8. Easier and more funding options (fund by fiat and/or crypto).
  9. Trade EAs / algos easily via MT4.
  10. Negative balance protection.

We have a fair, and detailed blog post outlining the pros and cons of crypto CFDs vs physical crypto. You can read about it here.

2) How can I actually trade Crypto CFDs at Mt.Cook?

Our cryptos are CFD derivatives. This means you are trading the price movement of the underlying instrument. Trading these CFDs works very much like forex, however instead of buying/selling one currency for another, you are trading cryptocurrency against the US dollar (i.e., BTC/USD).

3) How risky are cryptos to trade vs forex?

Cryptocurrencies are considered by most to be highly volatile, and a young, less liquid market to trade in, thus it is important for traders to have their risk management dialed in very well when trading these instruments.

4) Can I hold positions long term (hodl)?

Many crypto traders take a long term position often called hodl’ing (holding on for dear life). As long as you have sufficient margin in your account, you can hold your crypto positions indefinitely. You can also add margin to your account at any time.

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