Sponsored VPS and Dedicated Hosting

For systematic and algo traders Mt. Cook understands that reliable connectivity, stability, power, and execution speed are essential elements. There is no time to waste!
By leaning on our relationships, Mt.Cook can help traders obtain (and pay for) the appropriate VPS or Dedicated Hardware needed to support some of the densest low-latency trade servers and infrastructure available.

Mt.Cook currently offers a sponsorship program for existing active traders (based on volumes traded) with our long-time trusted partner; ForexVPS. ForexVPS houses servers in the same datacenters as our trade servers providing extremely low latency environments.

How Sponsorship works – as long as you reach the designated volume threshold in a given month, we will cover the cost of your VPS. If you do not reach the required volume, the monthly VPS fee will simply be deducted from your trading account.

A complete list of the VPS Specifications can be found here: https://www.forexvps.net/forex-vps-hosting and the required volumes for sponsorship are listed in the boxes below.

Basic VPS

Standard Monthly Cost:

USD $34.99


Minimum Required Monthly Trade Volume to Have Cost Subsidized by Mt.Cook:

20 Standard Lots Per month.

Basic VPS +

Standard Monthly Cost:
USD $39.99


Minimum Required Monthly Trade Volume to Have Cost Subsidized by Mt.Cook:

25 Standard Lots Per month.

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Need a Bit More Juice?

Talk to us! Let us know about your project and we will happily advise you on the best hardware options and requirements for your needs.

We understand very well that high-frequency, algo traders, and quants are now at the forefront of FX trading, generating large volumes across most major exchanges. Significant resources are constantly being allocated towards the goal of increasing computing power and further reducing transaction times, as even fractions of a second can provide a competitive advantage.

We work with multiple shops offering on-demand virtual servers, dedicated servers, hybrid environments, and fully managed hosting solutions. These cost-saving services are fully customizable, enterprise-class, name brand servers backed by the industry’s most robust hosting platforms.

We can advise or assist with either hosted or managed hosted solutions, located within our same data centers and tied directly in to our liquidity hub and other financial nodes. Contact Us for a free consultation.

Got Questions?

We got answers! Here is a list of the top questions we get about our Sponsored VPS Program

1. What is a VPS?

A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name implies it is your own private server which is hosted in the cloud/on the Internet. Like any server it is always on 24/7 and constantly online.

Think of your VPS as a personal computer that gets rented on a monthly basis. These computers are located within the same data centers as our trade servers.  You then access this computer through the internet and install your trading terminals on it so they can run 24hrs per day uninterrupted.

2. Who needs a VPS?

Typically traders who run algos are the main users of a VPS. Most Forex EAs requires the trading terminal to be running 24/7. If the trading platform is offline or shutdown the usually EA ceases to function.

With our Sponsored VPS you can install our trading platform for use with your EA and it let it run 24/7. You can access your VPS using the Remote Desktop Connection at any time and you will see that your platforms are still running just as you left them.

3. What are the advantages of running an algo/EA on a VPS vs just my local PC?

There are a few key advantages here:

1) Internet Connection Stability – Hosted VPS providers offer a very professional technical setup. They have a high grade internet connection and multiple backup connections in case one or more go down. In comparison, a home internet connection typically has no backup and can vary in reliability based on your location and service provider.

2) Keep your PC desktop tidy – If you run your trading terminal on your PC you will always have the terminal open on your desktop. This can be annoying to some and also you could mistakenly close the terminal while closing other applications. With a VPS it is out of sight and out of mind unless you have your RDP connection running.

3) Access from anywhere – You can remotely access your VPS from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

4) Reduced latency – data transfer speeds from when your EA executes trades on our terminal, until the time they may be filled on our trade server can improve significantly as the latency (speed of data transfer) between our trade servers and your VPS may be much faster than that from your home connection. To many algo traders or sensitive trading strategies this is quite important.

Generally speaking most manual traders trade from their PC, while most algo traders host their EAs on a VPS.

4. What happens if I continually miss the volume thresholds?

Mt.Cook will deduct the cost of the VPS as a debit from your trading account if you do not meet the monthly volume thresholds (you will agree to these terms in the VPS request form). However, Mt.Cook reserves the right to discontinue the sponsorship program should the minimum volumes continually not be met, or if the account balance becomes to low to cover the cost. We understand you cannot force volumes so talk to us if this is a temporary condition. Typically we discontinue VPS sponsorship after deducting fees from client accounts for two consecutive months in a row for not meeting the volume thresholds. We will always contact you to give notice prior to any sponsorship discontinuations.

5. Do you work with any other VPS providers?

We do, but currently we do not have any sponsorship programs in place with them. We may in some situations be able to sponsor other 3rd party vendor’s servers if you meet the same volume thresholds, and send us a receipt each month (in which case we can credit your trading account the cost of the server). Contact us so we can work out an arrangement about this. Also, watch this space as we are continually adding new vendors to our Sponsorship Program.

6. What is the latency I can expect?

ForexVPS’s servers continually have a ping time to our trader servers of between 1-3 miliseconds to both our ECN NYC trade server, and our DMA London trade server.

7. Which location should I choose for my server?

ECN clients should choose New York. While DMA clients should choose London. We have two completely independent trade streams for our clients to access. It is best to use a VPS in the same data center as the trade server you are accessing.

Not sure which account you have? Contact us to find out if you are not sure. * Here’s a tip – ECN accounts start with an 8, while DMA accounts start with a 1.

8. How much technical knowledge do I need?

A VPS is easy to use as you will be using standard Remote Desktop Program (RDP) software (this comes by default with every Windows edition) to connect. Forex VPS also provide video tutorials for assistance and a very detailed knowledge base.

9. How do I get technical support?

ForexVPS’s support staff are highly efficient and standing by to assist you should you require any assistance with your server. You will receive all of these details upon having your VPS provisioned.

10. I think I might need a Dedi? Can you help here?

While we cannot always sponsor a dedicated server (due to the higher cost) in some cases we can if you are putting through significant volumes. Generally if you are managing more than 10 terminals, or need excessive computing power, it may make sense for you to upgrade to a dedicated server instead of a VPS. Contact us to discuss this further.

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