Take MT4 with you wherever you go!

The world’s most popular trading platform can now be enjoyed from the convenience of the most popular mobile applications.

Real-Time Prices

Our MT4 mobile app offers you real-time quotes and quick access to view and respond to live market events.

Safe. Private. Secure

New improved security lets you can set a PIN code or use Touch ID to restrict access to the app.

Access To Trade History

Easily view your closed trade history and statements, current equity, balance, and open positions.

Multiple Order Types

Place the same type of trade orders as on the desktop MT4 version for ultimate mobile trade flexibility.

Download Mobile MT4 App

Available on Android and iOS Devices

MT4 Mobile Questions?

See below, and we'll help you out!

1. How do I login to MT4 from my smartphone or tablet?

1.) You first need to download and install the mobile app. You can download the iOS app for iPhones and iPads here and for Android smartphones and tablets here.

2.) Once installed you must “Login to an Existing Account”, and search for the broker’s server to connect to.


ECN Clients should search for, and connect to the following servers:

  • Live Accounts: AtlanticPearl-Live 1
  • Demo Accounts: AtlanticPearl-Demo

DMA clients should search for, and connect to the following servers:

  • Live Accounts: MTCOOK-Live 5
  • Demo Accounts: MTCOOK-Demo

3.) After selecting your server, you will be prompted to enter your login (account number) and password. After entering these, click “Sign In” and this should connect you to your trading account.

2. What server should I connect to?

As mentioned in the FAQ 1 above…

ECN clients should connect to the following servers:

  • Live Accounts: AtlanticPearl-Live 1
  • Demo Accounts: AtlanticPearl-Demo

DMA clients should connect to the following servers:

  • Live Accounts: MTCOOK-Live 5
  • Demo Accounts: MTCOOK-Demo

Not sure which account you have, ECN or DMA? If you are not sure, please contact our accounts team at accounts@mtcookfinancial.com and they will help you, or you can quickly tell by looking at your account number. Live ECN accounts start with an 8, Demo ECN accounts with a 5. Whereas both live DMA live accounts and Demo accounts start with a 1.

3. Which symbol sets/extensions should I trade on?

For ECN clients the symbols you will trade on will not have any extension (example: EURUSD and XAUUSD etc etc…).

DMA clients (Offshore) will have either a “.” or an “x” extension depending on what liquidity source you are accessing (example: EURUSD. or EURUSDx etc etc…).

DEMO clients will not have any extensions on the symbol sets (example: EURUSD).

4. How secure is the app?

Very secure, and generally speaking as secure as you keep your phone. There are added security features as well including OTP/Validation pin codes which can add an additional level of security when working with trading accounts.