Experience The Richness of API Connectivity

Mt.Cook’s API is available for connection from custom or third-party software and supports the integration of applications to trade directly on our multi-bank feed. For many algo traders this is a preferred method of trading as it enables them to communicate directly with our servers over secure, authenticated Internet sessions with fully encrypted communication channels.

A Premium Offering for Quants, Developers, and Algo Traders

Our platform can be connected to virtually any API. We are connected to, and can assist you in connecting your own applications to our API and FIX Adapters. All API’s give access to full trading functionality while being able to offer real time prices and full depth of market. This is often regarded as one of the cleanest and most direct ways for systematic traders to trade on our liquidity.

Contact us to discuss your API project requirements in full detail.

(* NOTE: Minimum Monthly Volume Requirements May Apply)

FIX / API Related Questions?

Let us address the main ones...

1. Who is this service best suited for?

Our FIX / API offerings are generally used by institutions, corporates, and SME’s (small to medium enterprises) in the financial, trading, and fintec spaces, with the general knowledge and know-how to build applications in this environment.

This includes (but is not limited to) other brokerage and clearing firms, high frequency trading (HFT) shops, small to medium sized hedge funds, prop shops / private and proprietary trading firms, and occasionally retail traders.

2. What are the minimum requirements to trade via FIX / API?

Clients wishing to connect their applications via API, must first be approved by our compliance team for a live account (“Get Started” button in the top right to open an account for new clients). After that, ECN API projects must meet one of the following requirements…

  1. $50,000 USD (or equivalent) in minimum account balance. Or,
  2. $100m per month, in average trading volume.

Our API setup often requires quite a bit of time and conformance tests between our technology partners and the client, and this is why such minimum requirements are in place.

3. Can I test my applications on demo first?

Yes, however you must apply for a live account first, before testing on demo. Please complete a live application (“Get Started” button on the top right) and upon approval, we can setup a demo connection environment for API trading.

4. I have a technical question about connecting?

Upon approval, we will issue you a very detailed set of FAQs that answer all questions about our API, including connection parameters. We will also perform any conformance tests with you and our API specialists are available to help with any other technical difficulties should they arise.