The Ultimate Turn-Key Solution for Money Managers

Since 2014, supporting Asset Managers has been a top focus of ours. We understand the importance of the broker's role in running a successful Managed Account, and have built a leading product by understanding that flexibility is paramount. We don't believe in squeezing managers into a box; instead we take the time to understand your project and customize solutions that bring maximum value for you and your clients.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

We have never met a money manager whose passion for administration is equal to their passion for trading; for most it is a necessary burden. But what if we could bear it on your behalf?

Our Money Manager program has been specifically designed from the ground up to do all the heavy lifting. Let us do the grunt work so you can focus on what matters most - trading, marketing, and raising capital for your business.

Two Different PAM Platforms For Money Managers To Choose From

No matter what you need or the scope of your project, we have the software for the job!


PAM technology for Money Managers has been rigid and sorely lacking innovation for way too long making it RIPE for disruption and new innovation to move in. Mt.Cook offers a revolutionary breakthrough for money managers with our HYBRID PAM technology!

This software has been built to spec with customized functions that provide everything a money manager (and their investors) could ever want.

Standard Metatrader4 PAM

Sometimes Managers don’t require any special features and prefer the familiarity of the Standard Metatrader PAM Software. No problem, we offer this as well.

This software allows Managers to easily manage hundreds of sub-investors (who each receive their own MT4 account) from one centralized trading terminal. This is integrated directly into our DMA servers, and functions with no delay in allocation or execution.

Quick Approval For Talented Managers!

At Mt.Cook we take a simple, commonsense, and holistic approach to approving Money Managers. We welcome licensed fund managers, as well as talented and experienced traders who can demonstrate a client-centered mandate, along with a history of responsible risk management.

Given that we run an STP clearing model, our interests are aligned with Asset Managers and their clients as each party desires trading that is both profitable and sustainable. We are therefore motivated to not only provide an optimal trading environment, but to equip Managers with the best possible tools/support and become active participants towards their success.

The Importance of Your Broker as a Partner in Your Trading Business

This can not be understated. Trading the markets professionally is difficult enough without having to “deal” with your broker. For Money Managers it is ESSENTIAL to partner with a broker that is aligned with your interests. Period.

Asset Management has been a strong focus for us since inception. Given our dedication and expertise in this area, it is no surprise that Mt.Cook has attracted some of the industry’s most talented Managers as a destination to launch their PAM. We look forward to earning your trust and partnering in your success.

Got Questions?

We got you covered! Here is a list of the top questions we get about our Money Manager Program

1. Who can apply to become a money manager at Mt.Cook?

Generally speaking – traders who hold some kind of financial license to be managing funds, or who have ample experience in trading on their own, and are looking to start to trade for clients (emerging managers).

2. Which PAM Software is best? The ECN Hybrid PAM or DMA Standard PAM?

This really comes down to personal choice and what your primary requirements are. For most managers, the ECN Hybrid PAM is the obvious choice as it solves so many problems that most of the older Metatrader PAM softwares are faced with. If you require assistance in deciding between the two, please contact us for further assistance.

3. How do I apply to run my money management business here?

First, you must open an account (the “Get Started” button above top right of the page). Second, our partnership team will speak with you about your project and you will sign a Money Manager Agreement with Mt.Cook. Third – we build your digital LPOA(s) if required, and your landing page for your clients, and then you are ready to start. The entire process takes approx 24 hours.

4. Can you introduce investors to my trading strategy?

This is not something that we normally engage in, however on certain occasions we may able to make introductions to funding sources and capital partners who are looking for investment with talented traders. This however should not be your primary reason for opening a PAM business here.

5. I have a technical question about your PAM's functionality?

For Hybrid PAM questions the best way to get these answers is to visit the dedicated Hybrid ECN PAM page. Please contact us for any further information.

6. What sets your money manager program apart from others?

We are obviously biased in this answer, but we started Mt.Cook from the onset as a broker to only service professional traders and money managers (i.e., those running a business and making a living from trading the markets). It was only later that we opened the doors to retail and novice self-directed traders.

Prior to starting Mt.Cook, managed accounts had been a livelihood of some of our partners for the past several years so we understand what’s important to Managers. In fact, it was our own dissatisfaction and frustration with brokers over the course of a decade that served as inspiration to structure our own clearing arrangement and build the absolute “perfect” all around brokerage and manager solution for money managers.

Our goal with our program is to lean on technology and expertise as much as possible to handle ALL aspects of a money manager’s business from client onboarding, regulatory consulting, collecting and paying commissions, and providing an excellent trading environment, so that the only thing left for a manager to focus on is trading the markets and growing their business.

Want more information on our New ECN Hybrid PAM?

To learn more about this technology, and how it can help you, please visit our dedicated HYBRID PAM page.

Mt.Cook Hybrid PAM

Ready to get started?

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