Introducing Partners

Mt.Cook’s Introducing Partner Program allows you to earn a substantial residual income, on the volume-based referral fees of introduced clients - for life! Rest assured, knowing that your clients are being well taken care of. We make you look good!

How Does This Work?

Give your clients, friends, family, or colleagues, a smarter trading experience. As a thank you, we'll reward you with a percentage of our commissions, and your friends with prime trading conditions and unrivaled service.

How is this possible?

It all comes down to how we manage our overhead.

Many brokers spend significant sums on image and marketing to build an appealing facade. At Mt. Cook we are less focused on advertising and far more focused on substance and foundation which fuels organic growth through referral from satisfied clients.

Instead we invest back into our clients ( by lowering spreads and trading costs ), our technology, infrastructure, and our partners ( through higher compensation ).

Benefits To Your Clients:

No Additional Cost

We never increase costs to clients. Your clients receive the same outstanding trading conditions and raw institutional spreads as everyone does at Mt.Cook.

Large Product Offering

Your clients can access our entire product line, including two different liquidity feeds (ECN and DMA), streaming tradeable FX, CFDs, Metals, and Crypto.

They Are In Good Hands

Rest easy knowing you are doing your clients a favor by introducing them to an established brokerage who treats them fairly and is there to support them on their trading journey.

Benefits To You:

Flexible Commissions

Our multi-tiered, flexible commission structure is built to support and accomodate growth, helping you earn more on every referred customer for life.

Real-time Tracking

A unique IB link is provided to each partner and our system allows for real-time tracking of sign-ups, and trading volume. Commissions are paid instantly on every trade.

No Upfront Investment

No fees. No minimium volumes. Refer and earn - Simple! Introducers can get started in as little as 24 hours. No compliance hassle, red tape, or tech integrations required.

We're focused on building strong, long-term partnerships

We consider Introducers to be the lifeblood of our business. We understand their often mounting frustration with brokers who view IBs as expendable and who even try to squeeze them out of the client relationship. This will never happen at Mt.Cook. When we say that Introducers are “partners” this is not simply lip-service; it is reflected in how our Introducers are treated and compensated.

We recognize that your contributions are invaluable and factor heavily in to our success. While many brokers are content to flick “crumbs” to the Introducers that helped build their business, we believe that you should have a seat at the table, as equals. You will never be taken for granted at Mt.Cook but rather, your efforts will be equitably recognized and rewarded.

Questions About Introducing Clients?

Here's a list of the top questions asked.

1. Who can apply to become an Introducing Partner at Mt.Cook?

Generally speaking… anyone who wishes to introduce clients to Mt.Cook and receive compensation for it.

* Please note however that while this program is open to everyone in some circumstances we may not be able to work with every prospective applicant from every jurisdiction.

2. How do I get started?

1.) Apply for an account here (or click the “Get Started!” button at the top of any page). Approval is quick and easy and typically takes less than 1 day.

2.) Upon approval, our partnership team will contact you, and answer any specific questions you may have and assist in providing any marketing materials and guidelines. They will also provide you with your custom IB tracking links and merchant account so you can start right away.

3.) Refer and start earning.

3. How much can I earn?

This depends on how many clients are referred and the volume of trading they do. We have a sliding scale based on volumes which is provided to approved partners in the program. Since we trade with an STP model, our only source of revenue are trade volumes, and thus profits with Introducers are shared based on volumes. So the more clients referred and the larger volumes they trade, the more you can earn as an introducer. This also depends slightly on the instruments being traded and the liquidity source being traded on.

4. When do I get paid commissions?

You get paid volume commissions in real time each time a referred client closes a trade. This automatically gets deposited in to your merchant account, and can be withdrawn at any time.

5. How are clients tracked back to me?

Clients are tracked to you through one of 3 ways as your preference …

  1. By you telling us in advance or by personally introducing your client directly to us.
  2. By your client telling us on their application or directly that they were introduced by you.
  3. Via your IB tracking link provided to you after approval as an Introducer. This is visible as a URL parameter and can be integrated into any link used linking back to our site. Clients applying after using the URL parameter, will be automatically tagged as being referred by you.

Option 3 is the most common for those introducing large amounts of clients. However those introducing fewer clients often prefer the personal touch of a traditional introduction to us.

6. Why do you guys profit share with Introducers?

We are of the firm belief that a smaller piece of a big pie is ALWAYS better than a big piece of a little pie. Profit sharing with Introducers is a way for us to expand our client base, and we are happy to reward Introducers by doing so, so that they can earn passive income for their efforts.

Ready to go? Apply to become an Introducing Partner Today!

Upon approval of your application a member of our partnership team will contact you to provide you with everything you need to begin.