Institutional Services for SME's

Mt.Cook has invested significant resources in recent years in to both FX liquidity and technology and are able to offer an attractive wholesale execution and prime liquidity service to other retail brokers, HFT’s, hedge funds, prop shops, and emerging SME industry participants.

Contrary to popular belief, well priced liquidity is no longer abundant.

Banks prefer to keep it for themselves, leaving the common aggregators and ECNs with a smaller slice of the pie. This means that competition in margin FX has never been more intense than in recent years.

As a result, the vast majority of industry participants end up sourcing liquidity from the same pools, which results in a scenario where supply can’t keep up with the demand. It’s the participants in the middle (and their end clients) who end up suffering – but we are bridging the gap!

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Specialized Product Niche

Our liquidity offering intentionally focuses on rolling spot currencies and precious metals, playing true to our strengths to ensure a specialized and high quality product offering.

Integrations With 3rd Parties

Our liquidity engines can easily be integrated to all major industry partners including bridge providers, other ECNs, private aggregators, trading terminals, and charting apps.

Positioning and Risk

We manage risk on a pre-trade basis and can help clients with real-time position monitoring, reporting, and account management through multiple trading platforms.

Connectivity + Co-location

Our low latency liquidity engines are co-located for connectivity to our Liquidity Partners and housed in Equinix NY4, LD4, and TY3, with cross connects to our trading servers.

Liquidity & Clearing Venues

Our relationships with tier1 bank-based, and non-bank liquidity providers, PBs, and technology purveyors provide our customers with unparalleled market access.

Bundled Pricing

Clients can pay one negotiated, disclosed, and highly competitive commission with no hidden or additional fees for market data, CCP, and multi-sessions.


Top Related Questions

1. Who is this service best suited for?

Our institutional offering is best suited to SME’s (small to medium enterprises) in the financial, trading, and fintec spaces, with a modest book of business and assets of at least $500,000 USD.


This includes (but is not limited to) other brokerage and clearing firms, high frequency trading (HFT) shops, small to medium sized hedge funds, prop shops / private and proprietary trading firms, and other financial enterprises looking for tailored liquidity services.

2. Can this be customized specifically to our needs?

Yes. Mt.Cook’s bespoke institutional offering can help partners customize both their product and pricing down to a per-account and per-instrument basis. Thus, based on a client’s specific requirements our team can easily source and match the most effective LPs, venues, technology partners (and combination of all of these) to specifically match your needs.

More Information?

This is often an involved process, so please contact us to strategize and discuss your project requirements in detail.

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