MPMG Ltd. - Managed Account Program

MPMG Ltd are an approved manager at Mt.Cook, and this page is dedicated to helping their clients join their managed account quickly and easily. Investors participating in this investment program can do so in the following simple steps:
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    Open A Trading Account at Mt.Cook

    Please visit our Account Opening Page to get started. Applications take approx 4 mins, and are online/digital. Clients can open personal trading accounts, corporate accounts, trust accounts, and joint accounts.

    Open An Account
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    Fund Your Trading Account after Approval

    After your trading account has been approved by Mt.Cook's compliance team, you must then fund it. Funding instructions will be provided after approval, and participation is available in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and ZAR denominated currency.

    Funding Information
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    Complete the Digital LPOA Document

    The final step required to join the Managed Account Program and receive trades, is to submit the required digital LPOA (limited power of attorney) document (AFTER your account has been approved by compliance).

    Sign The LPOA

Need help? Got Questions?

If you have any questions about joining this program, please reach out to our friendly client support team at any time.