Major Server Upgrade

Mount Cook experienced an unusually larger than average disruption at our ECN’s data center yesterday, for the first time in many years.

We have invested significantly in to our server infrastructure over the years and currently we co-locate our ECN servers with the FX low latency suite at Equinix NY4. This means our ECN quite literally, lives in a dedicated facility at Equinix NY4 in Secaucus New York, where it directly aggregates Tier 1 liquidity from major money center banks (well over 100 major FSPs).

Equinix data centers are largely known to be some of the most reliable data centers on earth. That however does not mean that problems will not arise occasionally.

After yesterday’s outage and a very thorough investigation, we have worked with our server admins and engineers to develop a very swift backup plan, which entails a major upgrade to our servers, whereby we can very quickly switch our server source at the simple flick of a switch if there are any problems within the integrity of the existing primary network we use.

While this is not a guarantee of any sorts (as there may always be problems that happen which remain out of our control), we are very happy and quite optimistic with this proposed solution being put in to place and feel that any future down-times should be significantly minimized going forward.

It has been a very busy day and we have been in communication with all clients impacted by the downage and have helped re-connect any orphaned positions and rectify any problems caused by the downage. If you require any assistance, please contact our accounts team at your earliest convenience.

We sincerely thank you all for your patience and understanding in the matter.Please take comfort (as we are) in knowing that our newly implemented server solutions will significantly strengthen our offering and offset against any potential future problems.