FSCA License Granted

Mt.Cook Obtains FSCA Regulatory Oversight For Their Clients

Mt.Cook has been granted registrations with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority FSCA in South Africa. To further reinforce this, having a global team cast across the globe, we are very proud to centralize a bit more, and plant our home base flag where we hold our license – at our South African headquarters in the beautiful city and tech hub of Cape Town, in South Africa’s amazing Western Cape Province.

Mt.Cook firmly believes in, supports, and is committed to regulatory oversight in our industry to help with the safe-gaurding of our customers asset’s and ensure that their best interests are always being served so that they can trade with confidence.


Who are the FSCA?

The FSCA are the prestigious regulatory body in South Africa. Modeled off of the FCA in the United Kingdom, the FSCA are the government of South Africa’s financial regulatory agency responsible for the entire non-banking financial services industry in South Africa. It is an independent body that supervises and regulates the financial services industry in the public interest. This includes the regulation of the biggest stock exchange in continental Africa – the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The FSCA also regulate all Capital Markets, Financial Service Providers, Collective Investment Schemes, Insurers, and Retirement Funds etc… (More info: https://www.fsca.co.za/).


In addition to protections, safety, and peace of mind to our team and our clients, South Africa is an ideal location for regulatory oversight as the forward looking environment continues to allow our clients to trade FX derivatives and CFDs with standard leverage levels without the major caps being experienced elsewhere, and without pointless restrictive execution rules (such as FIFO).

For many of our clients, they have grown accustomed to these conditions and found that changes made in other jurisdictions (such as drastic leverage reduction) has had a negative impact on their trading.”

In summary the FSCA is an advanced SRO who have proven historically that they are not afraid to exercise their authority when required which helps to keep market integrity strong.

Thus they provide the perfect mix of safety and trading flexibility. This means our clients can have the best of both worlds and trade in a safe, fair, yet enabling trading environment.