It's Time to Switch!

Join the ranks of traders world-wide who have said yes to raw spreads, single fee (transparent) ECN trading conditions, in a fair, efficient and REGULATED ENVIRONMENT.

Key Reasons to Make the Switch...


Proudly regulated by the most prestigious regulatory body in South Africa - the FSCA. This is the government of South Africa’s SRO responsible for the entire non-banking financial services industry which serves in the public interest.


Mt.Cook has one of the most flexible offerings in the industry, consisting of flexible leverage up to 500:1. With multiple; independent liquidity sources, platforms, funding options, base currencies, technology solutions, and partnership programs.

Fair Trading

Imagine a broker who's business model is 100% aligned with you for your success? Then add in a single, fair, and transparent fee structure without hidden spread markups? This formula ensures you have a true PARTNER as your brokerage.

Switch Today and We Pay The Fees!

We make it easy to transfer your existing account over by doing a “Broker2Broker” (B2B) transfer. In doing so, we pledge to cover all transfer fees that your broker may want to charge you for this very simple process. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to!

FAQ on how it works...

NOTE: We Understand. It's getting harder and harder these days to find one broker that does it all. The industry is changing and it is becoming more difficult to find brokers who tick all the boxes for smart traders. Many traders have expressed their frustration to us from getting poor execution, poor support, leverage restrictions, poor performance, dinged with hidden fees, or pushed offshore with unknown and unreputable brokers. If this is you, or you are simply wanting diversification, reach out to our team today. We will do our best to help transition your account from your current broker over to us with ease. We also give our pledge to make your trading experience better in every way we can. Join the many traders today who have taken charge of their financial future!

1. How do I actually make the switch to Mt.Cook?

First and foremost you must apply for, and be approved for an account at Mt.Cook (button below, or in the top right of our entire website). Our applications take < 4 mins on average to complete, and our compliance team are fast and friendly in their approvals.

Then, the process is best started by letting our friendly client services team know that you wish to start a B2B process to fund your account. Let us know the following information

  • The brokerage your account is currently at,
  • The balance you would like to transfer over to us,
  • The currency of the balance you would like to transfer over to us.

We will provide you with (and help you complete) a Broker 2 Broker (B2B) form. Once you complete the information, you will lodge a copy with our team, and also send a copy to your existing brokerage, instructing them to make the transfer.

They will then transfer the instructed balance from your former trading account, to your new trading account at Mt.Cook. There is usually no need to withdraw the funds to your bank account first, which only causes unnecessary delay and expense. In some cases, the sending broker may have a B2B form that they require – in which case we are happy to provide any required information from our side.

2. How long does it take?

Once you have opened an account here, and filled out the B2B form, it takes only as long as your former broker takes to transfer your balance to us (usually via a wire transfer). On average these take 1-3 days.

Most clients making the switch, assuming their previous brokerage is on the ball, have their funds transferred over and ready to trade within 3 business days.

3. What if my broker does not want to honor a transfer?

While technically speaking a financial service provider can set their own internal policies and mandates, most financial institutions globally honor B2B transfers – so long as it is not a 3rd party transfer (i.e., the sending and receiving brokerage account are held by the same party, and in the exact same name).

There are some brokers who (naturally) do not like seeing an outflow of capital, and may refuse to honor this request, or try aggressively to talk you out of it.

Neither of these are fair or ethical behaviors in our view, and may speak volumes to the quality and character of your brokerage. This is a common (and often very pushy) tactic used by bucket shop, b-book brokers. Not ethical brokers.

We believe clients are free to choose where and when they want to manage their finances and fully deserve to trade wherever they are treated best. While we have very little outgoing B2B requests, we have an internal policy to honor any that may ever be requested – without any friction whatsoever, as long as the transfer is compliant with all AML/KYC guidelines as noted above.

4. Do you really cover any transfer fees?

Yup! We believe joining a fair, flexible, and transparent brokerage should be a right, not a privileged. If your current broker wants to provide friction or hassle in making the transfer, or dissuade you with fees, we are here to do the polar opposite of this.

We will expedite things on our end, and reimburse any transfer fees that your broker or their bank want to charge you (note: we may require proof of transfer / receipt in some cases to calculate this).

This is because we are confident in our business and want you to join our team and be a long-term partner in your trading journey. We also want this relationship to get started on the right foot, and first impressions make the difference – so transfer fees are on us!