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To improve your trading experience, through technology, trust, and people.

Simply put, we've built our business around you! We work hard to make sure that anyone, anywhere, can have a trading experience as frictionless, safe, and enjoyable as possible.

Giving traders a better option.

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a beginner, Mt.Cook gives you the 'financial self-empowerment' to chart your own trading journey.


Proudly regulated by the most prestigious regulatory body in South Africa - the FSCA. This is the government of South Africa’s SRO responsible for the entire non-banking financial services industry which serves in the public interest.


Mt.Cook has one of the most flexible offerings in the industry, consisting of flexible leverage up to 500:1. With multiple; independent liquidity sources, platforms, funding options, base currencies, technology solutions, and partnership programs.


Imagine a broker who's business model is 100% aligned with you for your success? Then add in a single, fair, and transparent fee structure without hidden costs? This formula ensures you have a true PARTNER as your brokerage.

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