STP / ECN Feed


Mt.Cook’s TRUE ECN liquidity stream (available to clients via the Global/VFSC license) is our newest trading stream, which has been brought forward by popular demand. Generally speaking, you can think of our ECN – as a “POOL” of independently aggregated liquidity available for trading on. In addition it has multiple uses (i.e., streaming, RFQ/RFS), and has a very solid depth and breadth of liquidity and functional richness for active traders expecting the best in execution and speed.

The ECN platform itself, quite literally, lives in a dedicated facility at Equinix NY4 in Secaucus New York, where it directly aggregates Tier 1 liquidity from major money center banks and venues in addition to non-traditional sources (quite different from our DMA feed).


Primary Benefits

Our TRUE ECN feed is only available via our Global License, and the primary benefits of it include the following:

  • Very Tight Spreads
  • Rapid Execution
  • Bank and non-traditional LP Sources
  • Pre-packaged liquidity
  • Custom Hybrid PAMM Technology Available
  • Risk MGMT Tools for Traders and Investors
  • Integrated Back-Office
  • Low FIX API Minimum
  • Smart Order Routing


What makes our TRUE ECN special, is that it is powered by a unique smart order routing algorithm that rewards and punishes liquidity sources, not only by the most competitive pricing, but also based on the “quality” and “integrity” of the quotes received (such as for key attributes including but not limited to speed and fill rate). It also has the ability to find pockets of deep, hidden liquidity within its network, enabling traders to improve pricing on large orders.



Who Trades On The ECN Feed?

Anyone can trade on the ECN feed and reap the huge benefits of it. However the trading stream is often preferred by the following types of traders:

  • Money Managers / PAMM Traders (who want the HYBRID PAM Tools)
  • Investors (who want to control risk)
  • Algo Traders
  • Scalpers
  • HFT Traders
  • FIX API Traders
  • Signal Providers



  • Low Latency co-location to LPs via Equinix NY4
  • Metatrader4 server hosted in Equinix NY4
  • Live Server: AtlanticPearl-Live 1
  • Demo Server: AtlanticPearl-Demo

For more information, please read our detailed trading conditions for technical information and a comparison vs our DMA feed.

For any assistance in selecting the best liquidity feed to trade on (specific to your personal requirements or goals), please contact us at your convenience, and our team will be happy to help!