Myfxbook AutoTrade

Myfxbook AutoTrade

Mt.Cook Financial is pleased to provide access to the social trading community of traders known as “Myfxbook AutoTrade”. The Myfxbook AutoTrade program is a 3rd party technology application made available to Mt.Cook clients through integration with the MT4 trading application.  It’s not an easy task to become a trading guru, and for those who do, its sometimes a secluded or lonely job. New research has been supporting the power and real benefit of “Tapping In To The Crowd” vs. the “go at it yourself” approach.  Trading socially not only gives you access to trades from one of the largest communities of profitable traders, it also allows you to gain new experience, trade ideas, knowledge and skill.



What is Myfxbook AutoTrade?

Autotrade is an account mirroring (trade copy) service operated by Myfxbook who happen to be one of the largest social trading communities and FX tech providers in the industry. The AutoTrading service allows you to copy the trades of other profitable traders and systems from the Myfxbook community directly into your Mt.Cook MetaTrader 4 account.

This makes it very easy for traders to build their own custom portfolio(s) or to simply add other trader’s trades from the Myfxbook community directly to their accounts to supplement or compliment their own trading endeavors.

The best part? There is no need to install any complex software. All the server load, duplication technology, and heavy lifting is handled by Myfxbook. You pick your favorite traders, configure your settings, and begin receiving trades in your account.



Why Myfxbook AutoTrade?

  • It offers choices from only the best-performing traders on the network – hand picked! It doesn’t show you thousands of under-performing systems which you need to browse through, wasting your precious time.
  • It doesn’t allow demo traders to become signal providers. Only those with real money on the line, and those in the real market!
  • It doesn’t require you to run any software so no need to run EAs, or rent your own VPS or keep your PC running. It’s all controlled and managed via a web portal.
  • It offers only traders with lengthy, proven, verified track records as signal providers (i.e., those that have been “stress tested” in the live market across various trade conditions).
  • It gives incentives to signal providers only for profitable trades – aligning your and their interests.
  • It shows real data with accurate statistics helping you to reduce risk and increase returns. Detailed charts give you an overview of the provider’s past performance to help you assess their potential and how they best fit in to your portfolio
  • It has fully automated trade mirroring completely – so you can relax while trades are copied to your account automatically.
  • It’s all under your control — you are free to suspend or opt out of a strategy at any moment in time. It comes with rich control features where you can control your risk, limit the number of lots, trades or currency pairs for any strategy through your Myfxbook personal profile. You can also define and limit risk by setting a level of balance / drawdown, at which point a risky or losing strategy will be disconnected automatically from your account. All of this helps investors to “sleep easy” at night.

On top of this, you can access all of the above via Mt.Cook’s institutional grade DMA or ECN feeds, and have our fanatic custom support with you along the way!


Get Started With Myfxbook AutoTrade



If you are not an existing account holder, you must first apply for an account. Our applications are quick and completed online. If you are an existing client, please email us your account number, and request to have your account added to Myfxbook’s AutoTrade group.

Open An Account


Once you have a funded account, you must then visit the Myfxbook website and link your Mt.Cook trading account to the Autotrade service. From here you can pick the strategies and traders like best, and begin receiving their trades to your account instantly.

Connect to AutoTrade


* 3rd Party Vendor Risk Warning