Metatrader 4 - The difference is in the details...

Metatrader 4 Terminal

MetaTrader is one of the most respected and user friendly Forex and CFD trading platforms available in the market today. Although it’s not without its limitations, it remains as one of the most innovative and powerful trading platforms and is still favored by the vast majority of professional currency traders. After years of development its suite of analytic tools and algorithmic trading capabilities provide the user with a powerful platform from which to access the markets.


Mt.Cook’s Metatrader Platform

Our Metatrader platform raises the bar for those familiar with trading on MT4. Mt.Cook’s unique configuration can process trades entered via MetaTrader GUIs in under 20 milliseconds which provides our clients with an operational advantage.

The bridge to both our multi-bank DMA feed and our ECN feed are highly efficient, and our MT servers share a home with some of the world’s top forex institutions, running within a fully dedicated computing environment and hosted in one of the most recognized and sound IT hub data centers.

Without such optimization, these functions would be spread across multiple, disparate platforms, bridges and applications, creating operational complexity,and  significant compatibility/integration issues. System performance would suffer along with its stability and speed which could ultimately impact the user’s bottom line.

To experienced traders, it is a known fact that not all Metatrader configurations are created equal. We are heavy into optimization and frequent improvements, however minor they may seem, end up making a significant difference.