MAM / PAMM - Turn-key solutions for FX Managers

Multi-terminal Platforms For Managers

Our PAMM platform is highly functional yet simple to use. Client sub-accounts are pooled into a single “Master Account” and any trades executed by the Manager are automatically allocated to the sub-accounts as illustrated below.


This software allows clients to provide a desired manager with discretionary trading authority on their account(s) through the submission of a Limited Power of Attorney ( LPOA ) form.

Mt.Cook’s PAMM software is very popular among professional money managers and their clients, as it is extremely user-friendly (available through MT4 and FIX) and may be structured according to individual preferences.

Our value however, extends far beyond an outstanding platform. We provide Managers with access to a suite of additional services designed to save both time and money, including but not limited to full month-end accounting (performance fee & high watermark calculations) and fully customizable pricing/commission structures.

Managed Accounts have been our specialty for several years. We understand the importance of a PAMM Program that combines exceptional pricing, flexible structuring, and administrative support. We know what managers want and have felt the frustration of working with rigid brokers. At Mt. Cook we are open to accommodating requests in order to work with quality Managers.


For more information about our PAMM Program and additional support services in place for money managers, please contact us at the link below.