MyFXMAP – Managed Account Program

Investors participating in the MyFXMAP Managed Account Program can do so in two simple steps:

  • Open (and fund) a trading account at Mt.Cook (the program is available in USD, EUR, AUD and GBP).
  • Submit the required LPOA to connect your account to the MyFXMAP – Managed Account Program.

Please use the menus to the left to begin the process of completing these two steps. Mt.Cook prides itself on being completely “paperless” and all applications are quick, easy and online.


MyFXMAP Performance (myfxbook)


PAM Software Features

  • This program trades on Mt.Cook’s Hybrid PAM software, which means that investors participating in this Managed Account will have custom Risk Management Tools at their disposal which can be accessed in the Client Portal back office upon account approval and funding.
  • These Risk Management Tools have been built for your, and your manager’s, safety and convenience. These include the ability to A) set a risk multiplier (giving you the ability to scale and/or customize your risk up or down vs. the Trade Manager’s default trading risk), and B) the ability to set a hard global equity stop loss (to firmly define, and protect your downside risk). If you use these Risk Management Tools, it is good practice to discuss setting these with your Money Manager.

* Risk Disclaimer