SME and Institutions - The lifeblood of the financial markets.

FX Services Where They Are Needed Most


At Mt.Cook, our data feed, and entire business model, has benefited from the principle of “fusion”. We have taken complex solutions designed for institutional funds and professional trade teams and customized them to also meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. Just because a party may lack the financial means or relationships to trade directly with FX banks should not mean they have to settle for the mass market web of retail brokerages using typical pre-packaged standard ECN services (ie. Currenex) where liquidity is scarce.

Contrary to popular belief, well priced liquidity is no longer abundant. Banks keep it for themselves, leaving the common ECNs with a smaller slice of the pie.


If the vast majority of retail shops are sourcing liquidity from the same ECN services, then it results in a scenario where supply can’t keep up with the demand. It’s the participants in the middle who end up suffering but we are bridging the gap!

The importance of small and medium enterprise (SME) is widely recognized both politically and academically. But it is also acknowledged the economic needs of this market segment ( specifically finance, foreign exchange, and intra-day cash management options ) are highly under-served.

Mt.Cook can assist these groups by providing the proper FX infrastructure, in addition to introducing management options to more effectively handle their intra-day cash exposure. Mt.Cook has built strategic alliances with leading Fund Managers offering optimal solutions for SMEs, Large Corporations, Multinational Companies, Funds, Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. Contact us at to see how we can be of service.