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The New Breed of FX Trading

signals-310There is no denying that recently there has been a rapidly emerging trend in the world of currency trading – signal trading and social network trading. This trend is popular not only among new traders who obviously benefit greatly from the “power of the pack” community environment, but also amongst professional trade groups with a heavy focus on research, network and marketing.


Trade Leaders and Signal Providers are often indifferent to their subscribers’ choice of broker, but you and your clients may be missing out on substantial benefits.

We’ll start with an obvious formula…

Lower trading costs + better execution = greater returns = happier clients = greater acquisition/retention.

By partnering with Mt. Cook, you will gain access to optimal trading conditions designed specifically for this new and exciting aspect of FX trading which is good news for both you and your clients.

In many cases, we can create a dedicated price feed for your signal(s) and ensure that you are compensated on all the subsequent volume. The best part is that the cost of compensation will not be passed through to your clients; instead we will pay you from the broker portion of the revenue which in turn may help you become more flexible/competitive in your pricing structure.

Lower costs to your clients and greater commission to you = a true win-win situation.

If you are interested, please contact us to see whether your Signal Service will qualify.

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