Money Managers - An all-inclusive structure to optimize Efficiency and Profits

The Total Package for Money Managers

We have never met a money manager whose passion for administration is equal to their passion for trading; for most it is a necessary burden.

But what if we could bear it on your behalf?


Managed Accounts have been a livelihood of ours for the past several years so we understand what’s important to Managers. In fact, it was our own dissatisfaction and frustration with brokers over the course of a decade that served as inspiration to structure our own clearing arrangement and build the absolute “perfect” manager solution.

We have structured one of the most comprehensive and flexible programs for Money Managers in the entire marketplace. By running your MAM/PAM business through Mt. Cook we provide access to the following…

  • Intellectual Property Protection (prevent your trades from being copied)
  • Automatic performance fee administration (both calculation and collection)
  • Orders are 100% STP – we want our Partners/Clients to trade profitably
  • Customized and flexible pricing models upon request
  • Automatic high watermark tracking (both NAV and Claw-back models)
  • Monthly statement reporting
  • Simplistic multi-account management software (available in MT4 or via our Hybrid PAM)
  • Multiple allocation modules
  • Hard Equity Stop Losses available on all Master Accounts
  • Multi-Currency PAMs
  • Regulation, risk, and marketing advice
  • Capital introductions
  • Dedicated page for clients and easy client on-boarding
We can confidently say that this is the ultimate “all-inclusive” package for money managers, allowing them to focus solely on what they do best – trade!



PAM technology for Money Managers has been sorely lacking innovation for way too long making it RIPE for disruption and new innovation to move in. Mt.Cook offers a revolutionary breakthrough for money managers with our HYBRID PAM technology!  Built to spec with loads of customizations for our needs, this new software provides everything a money manager (and their investors) could ever want.

To learn more about this technology, and how it can help you, please visit our dedicated HYBRID PAM page here.


Quick Approval For Talented Managers

At Mt.Cook and via our Global/International Division we take a different, yet holistic and common sense approach to PAM approval for Money Managers. It is quite simple – we welcome talented traders who manage risk well, and care about their investors.

Given that we run an agency only clearing model (no b-book), it is in our best interest (and investors as well) to focus our efforts on working with and supporting the small minority of traders who actually make money in the market, and manage risk well. Unlike market makers, we have a direct and vested interest in having profitable money managers trading here, succeeding, and sticking around for the long haul.


The Importance of Your Broker as a Money Manager

This is not to be understated. Trading the markets professionally is a difficult job and hard enough as it is without having to “deal” with your broker. Thus, money managers NEED to have a fair broker on their side.  Period. This is a strong focus of our business, and it is why we are here to support such candidates in multiple different ways along their journey. Because of this, it is no surprise that Mt.Cook has attracted some of the top talented money managers globally to date.

If you have any interest in our PAMM and Hybrid PAM Programs including additional support services in place for money managers, please get in touch with us, as we would like to hear from you.  Tell us a little bit about yourself, your trading strategy/history, and your plans to manage funds for your clients.