Introducing Partners

The Power of True Partnership


Over the years we have worked extensively with affiliates and have even operated as an IB ourselves. We understand how crowded and competitive this side of the industry has become.

Affiliates/Introducers have been the lifeblood for many brokers yet this relationship is often inequitable. They are typically the first ones asked to sacrifice margins, and some are even made expendable.

At Mt. Cook we treat you as a Partner; we understand the value that you bring and believe that your efforts should be rewarded instead of taken for granted. Not only do we offer your top tier clients superior trading conditions, but we can actually increase your income.

How is this possible?

It all comes down to how we manage our overhead.

Many brokers spend significant sums on image and marketing, but Mt. Cook does not. You won’t see our name advertised all over the internet, we won’t be giving away fancy cars/watches, sponsoring sports teams or running “beauty” pageants ( yes this does happen ).

Instead we invest back into our clients ( by lowering trading costs ), our infrastructure, and our partners ( through higher compensation ). Although it’s a slower process, we are happy to grow organically through networking, partnerships and the testimony of satisfied clients.

If you have clients who meet our qualifications we are confident that a partnership with Mt. Cook will be beneficial to you both. Contact us for more information.

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