Safety - Providing "peace of mind" to clients

Client Fund Handling

Mt.Cook maintains stringent compliance policies in all aspects of its business to ensure that they remain up-to-date on all regulatory obligations.  As such, client funds are strictly held in segregated client trust accounts, independent from the company’s working and operating capital at all times.



Mt.Cook only works with reputable vendors, custodian banks, prime brokers, stakeholders and technology providers. We are very discerning when it comes to our industry partners in order to fulfill our mandate of providing clients with a safe, stable, proficient and robust brokerage.


Anti-Money Laundering

Mt.Cook is fully compliant with, and strictly adheres to guidelines set by International Anti-money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Acts and Policies.  A carefully designed AML/KYC Progamme and Risk assessment have been designed and put in place to screen for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and to keep Mt.Cook and our clients protected from engaging with criminals and money launderers. Mt.Cook screens our applicants against various watch lists and databases prior to being accepted as clients.  An overview of our compliance program can be found here.



Your privacy is assured by Mt.Cook which applies to our existing clients as well as inquiries made by prospective clients. We are advocates of privacy, so would not compromise the privacy of any party when we in fact wish to teach privacy and protect privacy and this is held as a high priority.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable laws to protect our client’s non-public personal information and under no circumstances do we disclose any client data to third parties unless forced to do so by court order or unless otherwise required by law to a regulatory, law enforcement, or other authoritative body having the power to do so. An overview of our Privacy Policy can be found here.


Global/International Registrations

Mt.Cook has been purposely structured to hold various designations to help better serve a diverse and growing international client base.

Mt.Cook (via it’s parent company Atlantic Pearl) is an onshore managed company, but incorporated as an International Business Company in The Commonwealth of Dominica. Mt.Cook are permitted under all current securities regulations in accordance with their governing Securities and Investments Acts to offer their clearing services to international clients (who are non-resident in The Commonwealth of Dominica).


Common Safety FAQs

Mt.Cook has been built for both proficiency and efficiency and has been purposely structured internationally to help better serve a diverse and growing worldwide client base. Mt.Cook is not a traditional retail brokerage, and has been generally designed as a technology provider first and foremost, where industry professionals can come together to get things done without the burdensome red tape, hassle, and bureaucracy often found at the larger retail market maker shops. While owned and operated onshore, operating under an international/offshore structure provides a large degree of operational functionality, and flexibility to our clients in terms of trading conditions, technology deployment, liquidity offerings, and creative projects and/or the ability to work with special interest ventures.
Please note (and rest assured) that client funds remain protected at all times, segregated from operating capital, and on deposit with large and highly stable Australian and Singapore custodian banks. Funds are then placed for clearing directly with our Prime Banks and/or PoPs in the UK, providing very similar structures, and levels of protection.

We, as a technology provider, actually assume very low levels of risk given we direct client flow straight to our Prime Counter-parties (STP). This combined with the fact we maintain low leverage issuance, and use proven technology, helps to ensure that we effectively mitigate against market threats and counter-party risk, by keeping our overall risk as a company very low, and placing safety and stability at the forefront of our entire business model.

This is often an uneasy and awkward question for savvy clients to ask, but one that deserves full attention and transparency and should be an open and serious discussion.

As it stands, if Mt.Cook were to go insolvent, this would only affect the company’s operating capital, and not client funds (as client funds remain segregated from company capital and on deposit with our clearing counter-parties). In the event Mt.Cook (or our clearing/prime counter-party institutions) went in to bankruptcy the company would go in to special administration and would have an authorized insolvency practitioner appointed to administer and return all assets back to their clients. There may be fees associated with this, and time delays for the administration.

What are the odds of this happening?

Although we feel that this situation would be extremely rare (given our safeguards and overall risk-adverse business model) it would be unprofessional for us to deny that this is of course possible, just as it is with any corporation.

For clarification purposes however (and to justify why we feel this would be a rare occurrence), Mt.Cook assumes very, very, little risk as a brokerage and financial technology provider; especially when contrasted vs most retail market making shops.

For starters, Mt.Cook passes trades directly through to the market in an “agency only model”, and does not run a risk book (b-book) in any form. We do not assume ANY hedging risk and serve as an “intermediary” clearing agent only.

We also offer multiple license/regulatory regimes, and different clearing products and liquidity streams to provide “options” to our clients (and not force a single path upon them).

Furthermore, Mt.Cook is not over-leveraged and issues VERY low leverage across all of our currency coverage accounts (our exposure is very, very low vs competitor FCMs).

Mt.Cook also designs, deploys, and utilizes smart risk management tools, protocols, and software (some of which we have custom designed), and which are also available in conjunction with our Prime Partners to keep us safe.

So while there may always be unavoidable market risks which may remain out of our control, we have designed our entire business model to defend against these, so that we and our clients remain as safe and protected as possible.

This combined with a strong brand recognition, a strong industry reputation for backing our clients, a team with decades of industry experience, and strong/reliable counter-party partners, prime partners, and technology providers, all helps to keep us in a position of prominence within the industry and ensure that we all have a healthy future ahead.