Do I Qualify?

Who Are Our Clients?

qualifyThis isn’t meant to be elitist in any way but Mt. Cook  is not open to everyone.

It’s simply a matter of “suitability” as we are equipped specifically to meet the needs of Forex Professionals. This is a place where professionals come to get things done, without hassle, without red tape, without politics, and where they can work with people who speak their language.

For retail/novice traders there is great value in features such as educational resources, low minimum deposits, platform education, deposit bonuses, training etc and there are many quality brokers available for you to choose from.


Acceptance at Mt. Cook however is conditional.

We welcome you to apply for an account if you meet any one or more of the following criteria …

  • $1,000 USD (or equivalent) minimum deposit.
  • Monthly trading volume greater than 50 standard round turn lots.
  • If you participate in a Managed Account or a Signal Service through Mt. Cook’s International Division, you will be able to open the account without meeting the requirements listed above. *

* you will still be subject to any minimum deposits that may be required by your Manager or Signal Provider