Our Story

 How it all began

Be the change you wish to see

– Mahatma Ghandi

mtcook-metatrader-about-logo-131x131As traders turned asset managers, forex brokers have played a vital role in our business for over a decade. Broker relationships were adequate for us in the beginning but as our company grew, we were increasingly impacted by their limitations.

This was not their fault but simply the result of an industry experiencing huge growth in its retail sector. Professional traders represent a small fraction of the brokers’ overall client base so it was understandable that their focus was not on us, but rather on acquiring and servicing retail customers.

We had some choices.

1) Accept this as our new reality.

2) Become “chronic complainers”.

3) Provide our own solution to the problem.

Accepting it wasn’t an option, and complaining rarely results in positive change; so instead we used the vision of what we’d like to see in a broker and set out to bridge this gap ourselves.

Over the years we have built a strong network of trusted industry professionals. We consider relationships to be our greatest asset and were able to leverage this in order to structure a customized platform with exceptional trading conditions.

It took several months to get all the pieces together but once we moved our trading to the new platform, the benefits were immediate. Our original intention was to keep this exclusively for ourselves and own clients however we realized that sharing it with others on a conditional basis could be mutually beneficial.

This was the genesis of Mt. Cook Financial.

We realize that redundancy is rampant in the marketplace and the last thing the world needs is yet another forex broker, however Mt. Cook is markedly distinct.

We are a specialist brokerage providing service exclusively to Money Managers, Qualified Signal Providers, Professional Self-Directed Traders, Market Participants/Funds, and Small-Medium Institutions.


We Don’t Do Retail

With literally hundreds of other broker options available to newer/novice traders, we have chosen to focus our services instead on a smaller niche of the market and provide them with a specialized alternative. Since we are one of you, we understand the distinctiveness of the challenges faced by Forex Professionals and the unique ways in which a broker can add value.

We have walked in your shoes. We have experienced the void. And we aspire to fill it.