Effective April 1st, 2016, Mt.Cook will be reducing their minimum investment amount for self-directed traders from $20,000 USD, down to $5,000 USD.

We have held our minimums higher than the industry standard at $20,000 for close to 2 years now. This was largely due to multiple different reasons, namely the fact that we were simply catering to a certain niche style of audience (and filter out another). It was also to ensure our smaller boutique team could always properly support our clients first and foremost, and never have our service suffer in doing so.

We are pleased to announce that this has been very effective for us, and we are happy to report that we have been attracting the right kind of clients, including many professional traders, and it has been an absolute pleasure to learn about their projects and help them on their endeavors. This has been further evidenced as in our January report indicating our traders overall were profitable: http://mtcookfinancial.com/2016/01/2015-our-traders-made-money/.

Mt.Cook is a specialist brokerage providing service exclusively to Money Managers, Signal Providers, Professional Self-Directed Traders, Market Participants/Funds, and Small-Medium Institutions, and those in general who are serious about trading and/or trading for a living. Over the past year we have built our infrastructure up even further to better serve our clients even better!

In listening to our clients over the past two years we have come to understand that a reduction in minimum participation level would be appreciated, and highly valuable, for multiple different reasons (i.e., to test, or for diversification),  and as such we are listening, learning, and implementing this effective immediately.

Generally speaking, we do not want to lower this beyond this limit however (so this is as low as it will go), as we feel it will work against our model in being able to properly support the current demographic. With literally hundreds of broker options available to new/novice traders with minimums as low as $25 USD, there are many great brokerage options out there much better suited for this audience.

We feel that our new $5K USD minimum is the “sweet spot” as far as minimum participation level goes. We can of course remain flexible on this in some instances, so reach out and let us know what you are up to, and we will always do our best to see if we can help.