You asked and we have listened! Many of our clients have expressed the request to have a live chat feature on our site, in case one requires something quickly and does not want to call in to our support desk. We have implemented this feature, and it is manned during most hours by Scott and Ashton (drop in and say hello to them). You can find this on the top menu bar of our website from any page.


Please note that we also service every request via email as well, quickly and effectively ( for anything account related, and for any technical support). Lastly, as an additional reminder, forms for managing every aspect of your account are also found in the “Client Portal” back office, and all requests get actioned instantly!

We pride ourselves on quick, and EFFICIENT servicing of our clients without being administrated to the point of despair with hassle and paperwork.

Looking forward to supporting you to the best of our abilities in all of your trading endeavors!