As we wrap up the loose ends from 2015 and look ahead with optimism towards 2016 we wanted to take the time to express our sincere gratitude to all of the traders, industry participants and professionals who we have met, or further deepened our relationship with throughout the year. It has been an interesting, and exciting journey to say the least! We are honored to have worked with you all, and we are very excited for what the new year holds in store.

In analyzing our year end financials, we had our USD coverage account (i.e. the sum of all of our traders), temporarily piped in to an MT4 environment where it could be plugged in to myfxbook in order to give us a visual “year-in-review”. The results brought big smiles to the faces of our management team…


Keep in mind these are not audited but without getting in to too much detail on the stats (just profit and drawdown), this clearly tells us that our clients as a whole are making money, which is precisely what we long to see.

This is the benefit of running a 100% execution-only model. We don’t profit from our clients’ losses; our interests are aligned with theirs and we WANT them to trade profitably. To that end, we are motivated to provide the best possible trading conditions, so seeing these year end results was incredibly validating.

We accepted that our model is less profitable than the B-Book approach where brokers “play the odds” that their clients will eventually lose whatever capital they deposit and act as counter-party to their trades. But we’re happy to avoid the retail merry-go-round of luring in new clients to replace the ones who have blown out their accounts.

Instead of chasing “fast money” we are building strong, long-term relationships with professional traders and becoming a partner in their success story. Our goal is create clients for life and share the journey with them.

This is not meant to disparage brokers who run a dealing desk as there is certainly an important role for this type of market participant (from both the retail and prime level). But we do take great pride in our business model and much prefer the challenge of finding ways to improve conditions, and support traders, instead of having to constantly monitor risk/exposure as you trade against retail focused clients.

Driven by a singular purpose to provide our clients with the best possible environment (pricing, service, execution), Mt.Cook is carving its niche in the marketplace and cementing our identity as destination for talented professionals who consider trading to be more than just a hobby.

Once again, our thanks to all those who have trusted us with their business in 2015 and big welcome to all those who will join our family in 2016. Let’s make it another amazing year!